Yeng Constantino

Since this is what you wanted
Then i'll just walk away
You'll have your time to think
Of all the things and what you need
While i'm gone and away

Is this really you wante
Then i will let you go
I'll be keeping all my tears
Though i'm drowning in my tears
With a thought of a life without you

But if someday you'll need a friend
I promise I won't let you down
I'll be there for you
Right there beside you
I promise

Is this really what you wanted
Then I will say goodbye
All the memories that we've shared
Will be running in my head
I'll be thinking about you
Just thinking about you

Cause if one day
Things don't feel so right
I am someone you can call
If you feel you've no one to turn
I'm here

Cause if this is what you needed
I won't let you see me cry
And all my sleepless nights
I'll be waiting for your call
I'll be dreaming about you
Just dreaming about you
Song Information
  • Composer: Yeng Constantino
  • Album: Journey
  • Year: 2008
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