Where Are You Now?

Regine Velasquez

We shared so many things
There's nothing I
Wouldn't have told u
'Cause you taught me how
To think you gave me the strength
To hold on to
I shared my feelings slowly
I put my trust in you

You helped me search to find myself
Life's lessons that you shown me
We laughed, we cried and sing
And nobody else could console me
A special bond but then
Never have thought I could feel oh
So lonely forever thought I have you
So unexpectedly you left me here
All by myself
Now I need you here to hold me

Where are you now
Miss you so much
I can't explain the hurt i feel
Where are you now
You were my breathe of life
The answers to my needs
I don't know why you left
Me in the rain
I prayed every night
Keep calling out your name
Where are you now

That pretty smiling face
Can't escape from my mind
You're my only
That keeps me on my way
Keeps my heart beating
Still oh so slowly
I think I'm going crazy
I don't know what to do
The thought of leaving you
Just scares me baby help me
I need you

Oh baby hear me calling you
Is it my thought of feel so blue
Don't think I'll ever love agin
The way that I love you like a
Child you bore it's mother
That's how I need you
Song Information
  • Composer: Mark J. Feist
  • Album: Drawn
  • Year: 1998
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