Hang On

Regine Velasquez

Sometimes it's hard to know that it's all over
Sometimes it hurts so bad
To think that we did feel much for each other
Yet lost what we once had

To love you
is one thing I can do
I have always been around to love you

At times when I'm alone I feel so empty
I've always wish you're here
And now you're gone and all is gone forever
Oh girl it's so unfair

Remember the things I always say
I mean them all so please believe
The things that i've been telling you

Just hang on
Who knows we might get there
After all the waiting's done
We'll be the ones to find out

If we hang on
You know we're on our way
So just hang on

When I look at the sky i see a memory
That was where i used to be

I love you
I always think of you
Please listen to the words I say
These words that I've been telling you

If we hang on
Song Information
  • Composer: Tats Faustino
  • Album: Covers Vol.1
  • Year: 2004
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