Regine Velasquez

You are my fantasy.

And I've never loved so honestly.
No one's ever pleased so much of me.
You're my fantasy.

I'm next to ecstasy
When I feel your music next to me.
You're what every song expects to be,
You're my fantasy.

Seeing through the lies
That my lonely eyes
Fantasize again.
You touch the best in me.
When your touch is touched with destiny
All the rest is laid to rest in me.
You're my fantasy.

Seeing her wild wind
Once those dreams begin
Coming in the dawn.
For you are my fantasy
And I let your vision dance in me.
Now the dance won't let the dancer be
Just a fantasy,
Just a fantasy.
Song Information
  • Composer: Gerard Kenny
  • Album: Fantasy
  • Year: 2010
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