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Side A

There are times
When I just want to look at your face
With the stars in the night
There are times
When i just want to feel your embrace
On a cold night
I just can't believe
that you are mine now

You were just a dream that i once knew
I never thought i would be right for you
I just can't compare you with anything in this world
You're all i need to be forevermore
All those years
I long to hold you in my arms
I've been dreaming of you every night
I've been watching all the stars that fall down
Wishing you will be mine
(repeat refrain & chorus)

Time & again
There are these changes that we cannot end
As sure as time keeps goin on & on
My love for you will be forevermore
(refrain & chorus except last line)
As endless as forever
Our love will stay together
You are all i need to be with forevermore
(as endless as forever)
(our love will stay together)
You are all i need to be with forevermore.

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